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Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company is an US Government Licensed and Approved company Headquartered in United States of America.
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Third Party Inspection (TPI) is the inspection and testing activities by the third party that is conducted with the purpose of certifying the compliance of purchased products or services to the international standard, code and customer technical specifications during and after manufacturing . 

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Lloyds Inspection Agency American Company carry out Testing and commissioning  on installations to ensure that they are safe and meet the design requirements. The witnessing of tests on sites will be based on design specifications such as  Mechanical , Electrical and Civil works .



Lloyds Inspection Agency America  consultancy services range from initial concept, front end and detail design, to project management, procurement and site supervision.We provide technical, engineering and project management services from project evaluation to full implementation for safe, reliable and regulatory compliant operations .



Lloyds Inspection Agency American  brings the qualifications you need to get your products in front approved globally and accepted by all countries .We offer certification programs for your products to achieve global market entry into a various variety of global destinations and various countries with a more eco-friendly environment approach.

Lloyds Inspection Agency America LLC

Lloyds Inspection Agency America LLC USA company Headquartered in USA with offices in Texas , California and New York and covering Globally in more than 75 countries from USA to China and in Middle East  Kuwait to Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Qatar , UAE and in Europe and Africa covering Gjbouti , Kenya ,  Ghana , Nigeria and Brazil , Greece , Egypt and other many countries  performs inspection services , certification services , training services and technical audits & consultancy . Our services reduces the risk involved , ensure quality and provides confidence in the compliance of your equipment with standard, codes and regulatory requirements. 

Quality Services

Lloyds Inspection Agency America assure you that we have the highest standards of technical quality assurance for every project we undertake. Our services cover oil and gas sector , offshore and marine , energy and process plants , automobile industry Etc. 

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LLOYDS INSPECTION AGENCY America is our partner for the last 15 years in US and for our projects in Africa and we are happy to be a part of their organization . Our new projects in Djbouti this year 2023 will be again handled by them LLOYDS AMERICA only .

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All our projects are handled in a professional way by the team of Lloyds Inspection Agency America throughout the US , Mexico & Canada thereby gaining more profits for our company last year 2022.

Sussan Lomen Gulf Shore Petroleum US

LLOYDS AMERICA INSPECTION AGENCY has helped us to reach maximum customers throughout the US and Europe market for our new range of products by their certifications and get approved in global market and achieve more than 25% profit margin in our sales last year 2022 .

Richard Patt DAMUS United